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Are You worried about challenges with voids, recurring maintenance costs, problem tenants and rental arrears?

Would you like to discover how to eradicate all of these issues long term, allowing you to claim back your valuable time and freedom through a secure portfolio property management system?

Then look no further ……
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Transparency in deals and communication is the hallmark of Property Share. Happy to partner with them.

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Why Select Property Leasing

  • Portfolio landlords with over 15 years industry experience
  • Professional and passionate team who lead with integrity each and every time
  • Open communicatiors and serial achievers. We say what we do and do what we say.
Why Select Property Leasing

Who Is This For?

A guaranteed lease with Select Property Leasing would be the ideal scenario if you are looking to

  • Come away from the day to day management of your property
  • Eradicate any Voids or Rental arrears
  • Stop having to deal with problem tenants, court judgements and the stress this causes
  • Achieve Secure and Regular Monthly Income without any worries or uncertainty
  • Achieve A Market Value Sale in the future (if desired)
  • Get 100% of your time back to focus on other jobs, your family, health and enjoying life
  • Recession Proof Your Rental Property!
guaranteed lease with Select Property Leasing
Who is Select Property Leasing best solution for

Who is Select Property Leasing probably not the best solution for?

This may not be suitable for anyone who:

  • Enjoys the day to day running of your property/portfolio
  • Wants to attempt to achieve the highest market rental without the guarantee of having a secure monthly rental amount
  • Happy to continue tenant liaison, arranging maintenance and management and assuming the costs associated with these
  • Manages their property(ies) as their sole job

Not sure if our offer would work for you? When you speak to us we will quickly establish whether we feel we can help you or not. We can’t help everyone and we are transparent about that. No matter what, we offer free advice and consultations so click the button below to book yours today!

What our clients have to say




The house is very clean and the rooms were well maintained. After an issue internally – we were really pleased with how the SPL management team rectified the issue so quickly and professionally. Thank you!


Mr Patel


After working with lettings agents near me over the past 5 years or so – I decided I wanted a solution that was more hands off and didn’t require me to pay maintenance costs or assume the costs of voids. I chose Select Property Leasing because they seemed very honest and like they have a strong network in the industry. I must say I am very happy with my choice. Thank you guys, you have made my life so much easier!


Susan S.


A great team of property professionals who take the time to listen and understand a landlord’s problems. Highly recommended!


Marco Rinaldi


After searching for property management companies near me (Buckinghamshire), I came across SPL who were not based locally although stated that they managed properties all over the South of England. I am so glad I did. Courteous, professional and above all their actions match their words. A definite yes from me for anyone looking at renting their property long term with zero hassle.


Terry Andrews


I was looking for some rental property management as I have had a few difficulties recently and wanted more time back to spend on doing the things I love and to spend with my family. Select Property Leasing are a team of honest and hard working property professionals who have done everything with the utmost efficiency, respect and communication. They have 4 of my rental properties and in all honesty I would be happy for them to manage my whole portfolio! Thanks to Emily and Raj for their hardwork.


Matthew Jones


Extremely clean rooms and great rapport with the staff and the tenants. Maintenance team are pleasant and efficient – a really good team!


Mr and Mrs Shah

Tunbridge Wells

No more tenant find, no more rental arrears, no more time spent doing property management tasks or tenant referencing. And most importantly – no more stress! Thank you SPL team. Special shout out to Jay and Emily.


Mr Hutchinson


I was looking to rent my house to a team of professionals after numerous problems with tenants over the last few years. Although slightly sceptical about management companies, after one phone call with Select Property Leasing, I was at ease straight away knowing that they were the right company to manage my property. Fast forward 6 months and they have never missed a rental payment and have not even required any of my time once. I am extremely grateful for all their hard work.


Lucy Adams


I found our house to be ideally located and also really well maintained. Gardeners came round every month and cleaners every week. Maintenance was also extremely professionally handled. Thanks Select Property team. Will certainly use again.


Mr Taylor-Rowe


‘I used Select Property team as my lettings agency and I must say I am extremely happy with their professionalism and their honesty. They give me guaranteed rent with no voids and no hassle. Would use them again’

Client Success Stories

4 year lease + Market Sale

Slough, Berkshire

4 year lease + Market Sale

Guaranteed Rental = £2100

Landlord Achieved Rental = £100,800

5 year lease

Reading , Berkshire

5 year lease

Guaranteed Rental = £1800

Total Rental Achieved = £108,000

3 year lease + Market Sale

Reading, Berkshire

3 year lease + Market Sale

Guaranteed Rental = £2200

Total Rent Achieved = 79,200 + Market Sale Agreed

3 Year Lease + Market Sale

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

3 Year Lease + Market Sale

Guaranteed Rental = £1500

Total Rent Achieved = £54,000 + Market Sale Agreed

Our Story

During the pandemic, the owners at select Property leasing faced challenges with their own property portfolio with tenants falling into arrears, looking to terminate contracts early and a number of voids opening up. We needed to find a suitable solution to overcome these issues and deliver what an investment portfolio is meant to deliver – secure, sustainable and stable returns. In addition we also felt like there was likely to be a lot of risk and change in the coming decade and wanted to de-risk our own assets by providing secure income. Having worked tirelessly with our property network and contacts we managed to agree a strategic partnership to provide secure housing for the next 7 years. We were able to reposition our portfolio and quickly got our occupancy up to 100% during Covid. We then decided that we wanted to give back and help other landlords and landladies who were going through similar difficulties. We carefully selected a number of portfolio landlords to offer:

  • Secure rent, each and every month.
  • No daily management issues and no management and maintenance costs.
  • Long term fixed 3-7 year contracts
  • Purchase agreement in place at the end of the initial contract.

At Select Property leasing, we are now opening the doors to assist another intake of landlord and landladies who are interested in benefitting from our expertise and our strategic partnership agreement. 

At this time, this is only available to another 45 people across the South of England before our 2023 intake closes!

Why not secure a free consultation by clicking the button below to see if we are a suitable match to work together!

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We have core regions across the South East including but not limited to

  • London
  • Berkshire
  • West Berkshire
  • Hampshire
  • High Wycombe
  • Bracknell Forest

Simply call the team to arrange a no obligation property consultation. We will discuss your circumstances and what your requirements are to ensure we can assist but more importantly are the right solution for what you need. If not we will suggest an alternative.

First, we submit your property for a postcode check, typically completed within 48 hours. Once approved, we collaborate with you to obtain the necessary compliance documents and recommend any required repairs to meet the “Decent Homes Standard.” The entire process usually takes about 2–4 weeks from start to finish.

All utility bills and council tax will be transferred to the tenants. During the term of the contract, the tenant will be liable for all utility bills and Council Tax.

All payments are made by an automated BACS system payable 4 weeks and 1 day in arrears.

The rent agreed will be the rent that you receive from Select Property Leasing every month.

You will be informed of the rent amount before you sign your agreement. This transparency sets us apart and makes us a preferred choice for landlords. We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.


Yes, we provide an annual statement for each of your properties to state the rental income sent for the previous year.

It is your responsibility to review your mortgage terms and liaise with your lender if you wish to discuss the product and its relevance.

You will require the following documents to lease your property. Please use the following landlord checklist:

  • Copy of valid Electric Certificate
  • Copy of valid Gas Safety Certificate
  • Copy of valid Energy Performance Certificate
  • Copy of Building Insurance
  • Copy of valid Fire Risk Assessment Certificate (where applicable)
  • Copy of valid HMO Licence (where applicable)
  • Copy of valid Fire Alarm Certificate (where applicable)
  • Copy of Emergency Lighting Certificate (where applicable)

Your local agent (Select Property Leasing) will be managing the tenant and property on your behalf throughout the duration of the lease.

We do charge a monthly service fee, however it is added to the rent that you and we have agreed on.

Whether the house is vacant or not, our tenants are contractually obligated to pay the rent every month with no void periods; it is a continuous rental arrangement.

The Landlord will be liable to pay the mortgage and insurance on the property where applicable Other yearly costs will be the annual safety certificates as well as EPC and EIRC (This can all be arranged by Select Property Leasing on your behalf). Boiler Service cover insurance is highly recommended. If the property has a HMO license it’s the Landlords responsibility to ensure this is renewed when deemed necessary.

The majority of leases are for three to five years, however some require lengthier leases. All leases have the option to be renewed beyond the original period.

Each property is assigned a dedicated property manager responsible for its upkeep. Monthly inspections are conducted to promptly address any misuse. Additionally, all properties must be returned in their original condition.